Sustainable Prosperity Trust of Aotearoa

The Aotearoa Circle is a unique partnership of public and private sector leaders, unified and committed to the pursuit of sustainable prosperity and reversing the decline of New Zealand’s natural resources. We are taking a shared responsibility for long-term investment in our natural resources.


This initiative will amplify existing efforts, and focus efforts on priority areas needing urgent attention.


Why it’s important now

There is mounting concern at the degradation of our natural resources and the risks and uncertainties this presents to future generations of New Zealanders and our economic prosperity. The task at hand is an urgent one.

How to get involved

We welcome the involvement of all who are willing to share in our duty to restore New Zealand’s natural resources and taonga.

Supporting The Aotearoa Circle is not a passive decision; our partners are the heartbeat of The Aotearoa Circle. Together, we share the fundamental belief that improving our environment, communities and economy will allow future generations to flourish.