Sustainable Prosperity Trust of Aotearoa

“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends have become the global garbage cans.”

– Jacques Cousteau


Our economy depends on having a plentiful supply of freshwater; it is the lifeblood of New Zealand.

Freshwater is a touchstone issue for New Zealanders; it’s central to our culture and lifestyles. As we continue to grow as a nation, so too does our use of water for domestic use, industry, irrigation, and many other uses, putting increasing pressure on our waterways and wetlands. 

Already, 90 per cent of New Zealand’s wetlands have been destroyed. Although there are many existing programmes tackling water care, in order to make a change, there needs to be an ongoing coordinated effort, bringing together industry, councils, community and business together to work as one, with a shared vision to protect and enhance our wai.

Addressing the impact will not be easy. We need to balance the needs of those who rely on our water to live and prosper.