Sustainable Prosperity Trust of Aotearoa

About us

The Aotearoa Circle’s goal is big.

Undeniably, there is nothing bigger, nothing more important, nothing that matters more. This is it. Our chance to deliver on a vision for a country where the guardianship of its natural resources is not only central to its competitive advantage, but critical to its very economic survival.

Few countries are more dependent on natural resources for the wellbeing of their society and their economy than New Zealand. We are wealthy in natural resources. The World Bank estimates that New Zealand ranks eighth out of 120 countries in natural capital per capita, outranked only by petroleum-exporting countries.

But while we know life in New Zealand is great for many, we don’t want to take that for granted and assume it will always be this way. There is mounting concern at the degradation of our natural resources and the risks and uncertainties this presents to future generations of New Zealanders. The task at hand is an urgent one.

The Aotearoa Circle is a voluntary initiative bringing together leaders from the public and private sectors to investigate the state of our natural resources, and to commit to priority actions that will halt and reverse the decline. 

The initiative will not duplicate work already underway, but will amplify existing efforts, and apply work in areas where there are gaps. Always looking to the future, but equipped with the knowledge of where we’ve been, and working together towards a shared goal.

We welcome the involvement of all who are willing to share in our duty to restore New Zealand’s natural resources and taonga.

Supporting The Aotearoa Circle is not a passive decision; our partners are the heartbeat of The Aotearoa Circle. Together, we share the fundamental belief that improving our environment, communities and economy will allow future generations to flourish.